Prosser didn’t get it wrong

People will have read how told people at a BusinessNZ conference that they shoudl sell their Contact shares as NZ First will nationalise the companies and only pay people the original purchase price.

Winston then came out and said Prosser had it wrong and they will pay market price for the shares.

As usual, Winston is making it up. You see WInston himself in 2012 made the exact same pledge as reported by Sunlive:

New Zealand First will use its influence on the next coalition Government to buy back our state-owned power companies which are being flogged off by National.

Winston Peters says New Zealand First is committed to buying back the shares at no greater price than paid by the first purchaser.

“State-owned assets rightfully belong to all New Zealanders but National is intent on handing them over to rich foreign investors.

“It is simply lining the pockets of the wealthy by selling off well-performing assets that already provide the Government with extremely healthy dividends.” 

Mr Peters says it is only fair to alert potential investors that New Zealand First’s intention to buy back the shares will be part of any coalition negotiations.

So Prosser has been punished for speaking the truth about NZ First policy.

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