The Greens new tax policy

The have announced their new tax policy, to reflect the principles of their welfare policy. The summary is:

  1. If expenses are tight, just pay as much tax as you think you can manage. It’s fine if it is less than what the law says.
  2. No more will you be harrassed by the state by being asked to verify things such as expenses or income. No more tax audits. We will simply take your word for it.
  3. You can income share if you want to. Split your income between flatmates or don’t. Up to you.
  4. Lying to the IRD is no longer an offence if you have children.
  5. If your business receives income from new clients, you don’t need to pay tax on this income until they have been a client for three years.

If it is demeaning and harrassing for people applying for a benefit to prove things such as whether they actually are looking for work, or actually are sick, then it is surely demeaning and harrassing for taxpayers to have to prove things to the IRD.

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