Everyone’s a winner!

To some degree all four major parties are winners from the election.

National got an extraordinary result of 57 MPs and is highly likely to form the first fourth term Government since 1969. At worst they will be an incredibly strong opposition only four MPs away from victory in 2020.

Labour grew their vote by 12%, got 13 new MPs and are finally a credible Opposition with an excellent chance to win in 2020.

NZ First did lose Northland but hold the balance of power and will be able to leverage considerable policy wins and possibly quite a few baubles also.

The Greens survive. They did lose half their caucus, but they were not wiped out – which two weeks ago was very possible.

The Maori Party got wiped out, which is sad for Flavell and Fox and their supporters. Both very decent well motivated people.

ACT retained Epsom but will probably be blocked from Government by Winston, so will have more independence.

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