Gower on Greens “poll” in Nelson

Patrick Gower writes:

The desperation and fear in the Greens of not being returned to Parliament is clear with the release of a made-up ‘poll’ in Nelson.

The Greens have released the results of some phone canvassing which they’ve referred to as an “internal poll” that claims to show them ahead in Nelson.

As Gower says, the Greens must be panicking about possibly dipping below 5% and being out of Parliament.

It’s a set of numbers Green volunteers have gathered, with no way of checking them and media should be ashamed of reporting them as a “poll”.

It is not scientific, they have not released the raw data or methodology.

The Greens spin team have admitted this morning to me that it was in fact robo-calling rather than polling.

Robo-calling is that invasive and annoying method where an automated voice appears and there is no way of telling whether there is say, for instance, a child on the end of the line.

It is actually “fake news” from the Greens.

Again a desperate look.

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