Poor Hobson’s Choice

Stuff reports:

But it is understood Peters did not ask either party for a referendum to abolish the Maori seats – previously a NZ First bottom line.

Sources have told Stuff that that could anger some of Peters’ backers, who had shifted their financial support to NZ First because of his hardline position.

Poor Hobson’s Choice. They raised so much money and spent it endorsing Winston, and of course his bottom line became a distant memory. They knew this of course. They knew Winston rarely keeps his word, but they still endorsed him.

The deal will also cut property sales to foreigners – another policy National balked at, warning it would send an unfortunate message to our neighbours and be in breach of trade agreements.

Immigration was also crucial to NZ First’s position – National rejected whole sale cuts. concerned about a labour shortage.

National also held the line over Reserve Bank Act changes it worried would threaten the economy.

So National wasn’t willing to sacrifice the economy in order to get Winston on board. Good. National could have won the negotiations if they were as willing as Labour to give Mr 7% more harmful policies, but they weren’t.

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