Green Party members James Shaw, Eugenie Sage, Julie Anne Genter and Jan Logie will take up the government positions offered to the party in its deal with Labour.

The party has today announced the four would take on the roles but which portfolios they would be responsible for would be confirmed later.

However the Herald understands that Shaw, Sage and Genter will be the ministers and Logie will be an under-secretary.

This is a smart decision by the . I though Marama Davidson would be one of their picks, as she is higher ranked. But Davidson is risky as she isvery much an activist and could well have found Ministerial collective responsibility challenging. She is better know for joining protest blockades around Gaza.

So Shaw, Sage and Genter as Ministers is a smart move. They will all be competent in their areas, even though I may disagree with their policies. Logie as an Under-Secretary will allow them to also get some wins in an area they see as important.

This will make the contest for female co-leader quite interesting. I thought Davidson was favourite for this role, but not being a Minister may suggest not. On the other hand having a co-leader who is not a Minister can be a plus.