Victoria votes for euthanasia

SBS reports:

Victoria’s euthanasia bill has passed the Upper House 22 votes to 18 in its second reading after robust debate over the controversial proposal.

It earlier passed the Lower House by 47 to 37.

It will be interesting to see if it passes the third reading and becomes law.

The End of Life Choice Bill will not come up for a first reading for a while. Ahead of it in the queue is:

  1. New Plymouth District Council (Waitara Lands) Bill – committee stage and 3rd reading
  2. Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Interim Restriction Orders) Amendment Bill – 3rd reading
  3. Private International Law (Choice of Law in Tort) Bill – 3rd reading
  4. Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill (No 2) – committee stage and 3rd reading
  5. Rates Rebate (Retirement Village Residents) Amendment Bill – 2nd reading, committee stage and 3rd reading
  6. Newborn Enrolment with General Practice Bill – 1st reading
  7. Employment Relations (Restoring Kiwis’ Right to a Break at
    Work) Amendment Bill – 1st reading
  8. Education (Public Good not Profit from Charter Schools)
    Amendment Bill – 1st reading

I’d estimate that is 19 hours of debate. Each member’s day had around 4.5 hours so maybe on the 5th members day which is after ten weeks or so of house sitting.

So best guess is March or April.

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