When will Ardern move on abortion?

Stuff reports:

Abortion law reform advocates are keen on the new prime minister to act on her call to take abortion out of the Crimes Act as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern publicly stated that she didn’t believe abortion should be in the Crimes Act, as it is currently. But the issue doesn’t feature in Labour’s 100 day plan or official Health Policy.

Abortion is currently a crime if not approved of by two specifically certified medical consultants, who have to have to believe that carrying the child to term would endanger the physical or mental health of the mother, or the child is the result of incest, or the mother is “severely subnormal”, or the child is at risk of being “seriously handicapped”.

It will be interesting to see if she lives up to her rhetoric and moves on this.

Right to Life spokesman Ken Orr said in a statement that any moves to legalise or decriminalise abortion would be met with “fierce opposition.”

“She wrongly believes that the killing of our unborn children should not be a crime and that this killing should be a core health service. The proposed legislation will encourage further exploitation, coercion and abandonment of women, disguised all in the name of choice.”

He also criticised Ardern for living with a man who was not her husband.

LOL. This is so funny. Back to the 1950s we go.

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