End of Life Choice Bill passes first reading

The End of Life Choice Bill (which allows terminally ill New Zealanders to choose euthanasia) has passed its first reading by 76 votes to 44.

It has been referred to the Justice Select Committee for submissions and consideration. The report back is going to set at nine months, instead of the normal six months, to reflect the high level of likely interest. I’m pleased it has passed, so that the public can now submit on it.

Some excellent speeches in the House, and some not so excellent. Bill English made an excellent speech against. I disagree with Bill on this issue but his argument was that the harm to society by allowing euthanasia outweighs the benefits to those who might use it.

Very good speeches in favour by David Seymour and Chris Bishop. I’ll blog later in the week some extracts from the best speeches for and against.

UPDATE: The vote by party was:

  • Labour 37-9
  • National 21-35
  • NZ First 9-0
  • Greens 8-0
  • ACT 1-0

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