Targeting Todd

The Herald reports:

Disgraced MP Todd Barclay has just enjoyed a two-month sun-filled tour of Italy, Croatia and Greece all while receiving a $3000 a week taxpayer-funded pay packet.

The former National MP announced in June he would not stand again after the “phone tapping” scandal – but under 's rules he still receives his salary until December 23.

That means Barclay will have pocketed a total of $80,000 of taxpayer money, before tax, over six months.

Oh for Fs sake, this is just getting nasty and vindictive.

His job ended in September. Yes he effectively gets three months redundancy – as done every other MP retired. Where are the articles on Metiria Turei's $3,000 a week since the election?

This week it was reported that Barclay had taken a job with the Japanese owners of Queenstown's Millbrook Resort, the Ishii family. His London-based role is as international affairs secretary for the family's Japanese design and software company, Too Corporation, Mountain Scene reported.

So he's got off his chuff and has gone and got a job in London and has had a holiday between . Why is this news?

Under Parliamentary policy someone who retired would still be paid until three months after polling day – up to December 23.

All 34 who resigned or lost their seats at the 2017 election still get paid for three months – about $40,000 in total, or $3300 a week, before tax.

Former MPs and party leaders Peter Dunne and Te Ururoa Flavell defended Barclay, saying departed MPs have an entitlement and how they use it is their business.

Te Ururoa Flavell said despite the circumstances Barclay was entitled to his salary and “it was up to the individual concerned how they spend their money”.

Dunne said MPs ceased to be employed on election night.

This is just a nasty gratuitous hounding of Barclay. Turei also resigned under a cloud. Yet she doesn't get these nasty articles about her $40,000. No she gets pity articles and nominations for New Zealander of the Year.

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