Another young victim of Labour

Stuff reports:

A 12-year-old girl who dropped out of school for a year says a charter school turned her life around.

Luciana Wheeler, who at one time hated school, said Middle School West Auckland helped her fall in love with learning again. 

The school was one of 11 which contract would be terminated under a Government bill to scrap charter schools.

Government officials have told the schools to establish themselves as another form of school, such as a designated school, if they wanted to remain open.

None of the other options have the flexibility that charter schools do with funding to spend it in the areas they deem most useful.

Luciana’s mother Ange Wheeler said normal school was a disaster for her daughter – she felt out of her depth and fell behind in her work. 

“She struggled with learning to read and maths,” Wheeler said.

“Luciana learns a little differently than other students and most teachers don’t have time to deal with that.

“She thought she wasn’t smart, that she wouldn’t have a future and that she was not good enough.”

After joining Middle School West Auckland, Luciana’s view on school and learning improved.

The classes were smaller and teachers had time to work on individual students learning capabilities, Wheeler said.

“It was a miracle. It wasn’t an overnight thing and it took a lot of work but her teachers were great.

“It’s so different from mainstream schools, there’s a wonderful community of learning and a great sense of belonging here.”

Yet this is what Labour is closing down.

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