InternetNZ on copyright

InternetNZ has an excellent paper on copyright, in anticipation of the Government review in this area.

They propose five principles:

  1. Protect and respect New Zealanders’ creative works
  2. Encourage new creativity
  3. Allow people to add new value to copyrighted works
  4. Make copyright usable by everyone
  5. Protect New Zealanders’ ability to use and access creative works

And also want Internet users to benefit by:

  1. Allow cloud services for backups and personal copying of legitimate copies of works
  2. Permit text and data mining as a resource for new research and business insights
  3. Maintain safe-harbour principles as a shield for Internet-based innovation
  4. Create a broad, open-ended exception to allow our law to adapt as technology changes,
    and to recognise the potential of local creativity to add new value
  5. Align our permitted acts and exceptions with the more innovation-compatible rules in
    Israel, Singapore, and the United States

Many will be surprised to find that much of what we take for granted such as cloud backups is in breach of current copyright laws.

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