And Labour wants to make bail even easier to get!

The Herald reports:

Police are hunting for an Auckland teenager believed to be responsible for a prolific “crimewave” while on bail and facing a raft of serious charges, including kidnapping and assault.

They are now calling on the public to help them find Zion Tuoro, 17, in a bid to prevent any further people falling victim to his alleged offending

Tuoro is wanted after failing to appear in the Manukau District Court on charges including assault with intent to injure, male assaults female, kidnapping and unlawfully getting into or taking vehicles.

Inspector Bruce O’Brien said Tuoro was also breaching his bail conditions.

So this guy managed to get bail even under current laws. Labour wants to make bail even easier for people with a criminal record to get. So imagine how many mroe cases like this we’ll have.

Luckily he is now back in custody. I presume this time he won’t get bail.

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