Clark lashes Kirton

Stuff reports:

Helen Clark says it’s “unbelievable” that Jacinda Ardern was not told about sexual assault allegations at a Young Labour camp before they surfaced in the media.

“Jacinda was let down. She should have been told immediately, actually, then events would have taken a different course.

“And I cannot understand why she wasn’t told. Unbelievable.”

If Clark had been left in the dark, she would have had H2 flay the person responsible alive, or done it herself.

Asked if there should be ramifications for Andrew Kirton or those in party management, Clark said: “If you get out the book and ask what would Helen have done, well, draw your own conclusions.”

You don’t need to do much reading between the lines to work out that Kirton would be gonski if Clark was the party leader.

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