Greenpeace declined charitable status again

The Herald reports:

Greenpeace has been declined charity status – and the tax-free benefits that go with that.

The independent Charities Registration Board says the organisation does not exclusively advance charitable purposes, bur rather promotes its own particular views about the environment and other issues.

Greenpeace has 20 working days to appeal the board’s decision to the High Court.

It has won a similar battle in the past.

Not quite. The court did not rule Greenpeace was a charity. It said the ICRB had to reconsider the application using the criteria laid down by the court.

It has now done so, and decided Greenpeace is still ineligible.

This is of course a win for common sense. Greenpeace is not a charity. It is an aggressive political lobbying organisation. It doesn’t actually help people, or provide services. It just pushes a point of view.

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