5G looks promising

Spark announced:

Today Spark announced New Zealand’s first live 5G mobile test site in Wellington, with Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Hon Clare Curran becoming the first member of the public to run a 5G speed test achieving speeds of over 9 Gigabits per second.

That’s more than nine times faster than the maximum speeds available to consumers with residential fixed line fibre today, and 90 times faster than today’s most prevalent UFB 100 mbps service.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology and can be up to 100 times faster than 4G.* It uses new bands of radio spectrum with super-fast response times, allowing a full-length movie to download in just a few seconds.

5G does looks very promising indeed. It is a bit misleading to compare one person using the entire capacity of a 5G site to a residential fibre connection. If 1,000 people are using the 5G site it won’t be doing 9 Gb/s.

But it is a great technology and having mobile speeds that high will be great. Not that many years ago even 1 Mb/s was considered a very fast mobile speed.

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