And the Government wants to make bail even easier

Stuff reports:

The driver of a ute involved in a triple fatal crash near Thames was on bail for methamphetamine offences and had a driving history of speed and crashes.

It was understood 20-year-old Haydn David Clark crossed the centre line crashing head-on into another ute on Thursday night, killing Hauraki couple Ian James Fielder, 66,  and Jocelyn Anne Fielder, 64.

Haydn Clark had absconded from his bail address and was in breach of his 24-hour curfew at the time of the crash, a source said.

As you read this sad story, reflect that Andrew Little has said that our bail laws are too tough and it should be easier for people to get bail, so less people are in remand prisons.

First time offenders should of course get bail for all but the most serious offences such as murder.

But if someone has a long history of criminal offending, then bail should be more difficult to get.

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