Will Davis gets Life Without Parole?

The SST released:

Dylyn Davis is a violent thug with a long history of violence, including two “strike” offences. He has now pleaded guilty to his third strike – the brutal murder of a young woman whose only crime was to tell a friend she was frightened of him. He now faces the sentence of Life Without Parole (LWOP) under the three strikes regime.

He is 25 and on his third strike, and it is a vicious murder. It sounds like the sort of case three strikes was designed for.

“In as much as murders can be ‘worse’, this case is surely as bad as it can get. A young woman beaten and choked to death by a violent thug who later bragged about what he had done to his scumbag mates, and described his victim choking to death as she gargled on her own blood. Not only did he show no remorse, but was proud of what he had done.” said McVicar.

Yep he told his mates how he made sure she was dead, choking her as she gargles on her own blood. Her crime was to text someone to say she was worried about her safety.

“Davis’s previous strikes are for wounding with intent to injure, for which he received a paltry 18 months – which the Sentencing Act automatically reduced to 9 months – and 28 and a half months for an aggravated robbery, which was his second strike. 

Davis killed Kerehoma just five months after he was out of prison for the aggravated robbery.

Details of his first strike:

In July 2011 he was jailed for two years for a raft of charges, stemming from incidents on the night of November 26, 2010.

On that night a drunk Davis, armed with a hockey stick, smashed three windows of the Path-lab building in Urlich Ave, Melville, before setting his sights on a dairy owner who was locking up his shop nearby.

Davis walked toward him and lit the spray from an aerosol can, causing a large flame he then directed towards the dairy owner’s face.The flame came inches away from the victim’s face.

At his sentencing then-Crown prosecutor Sheila Cameron said Davis had told police that he did it for fun.

He seems to be a particularly vicious sociopath.

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