Let them out Little

Stuff reports:

National leader Simon Bridges is using the details of a gruesome murder to try to drive a wedge between Labour and NZ First on law and order.

Last year, Justice Minister Andrew Little said he would repeal the three strikes law, which he says is not working. Only two people – Raven Casey Campbell and Kingi Ratima – have been convicted of a third strike, but both had their sentences mitigated, giving them the chance of early parole.

And on Tuesday, Little said Cabinet had given approval for Little to consider a “package” of criminal justice system measures, including changes to the three strikes law, bail laws, and parole laws.

But National says the three strikes law, which is aimed at having more repeat offenders serve their maximum sentence, needs to stay in the name of public safety.

Little may become know as Let Them Out Little. It is very clear that he wants to make it easier for dangerous criminals to get parole and bail. Never mind the shocking history of further violence done by people out on parole or bail.

The way to reduce prison numbers is to reduce reoffending. It is not to simply let recidivist offenders out early to commit more crimes.

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