Dom Post says Government may be imploding

The Dom Post editorial looks at recent Ministerial happenings:

It appears Clark has been caught attempting to silence health officials over sewage and mould running down the walls at Middlemore Hospital.

Hinting he’ll give them a job if they stop talking to the media.

Shane Jones is a walking, talking combustion engine. 


Others have been joining him at the bonfire: Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran was lucky to survive her naive meeting with former RNZ head of content Carol Hirschfeld and the clumsy handling of the fallout; Kelvin Davis has frankly made a pig’s ear of communicating the Government’s highly sensitive moves towards cutting the prison population; and Phil Twyford has demonstrated that a man wanting to build 100,000 homes must first have a good grasp of the numbers.

Clark and Twyford were thought to be potentially the best performing Ministers if Labour became Government. They haven’t been.

Some of this has been simply amateurish.

Such things are often a sign of a government that has outlived its mandate and begun to implode around the core of its own perceived importance. In its tiredness it can trip over the most obvious hurdles.

This Government is barely nine months old. It needs to find its feet, and quickly.

It feels like a tired third term Government, not a fresh new Government.

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