So Hooton is a fundraiser for Labour

The Herald reports:

Labour MP Stuart Nash pulled the pin on his own fundraiser at the Northern Club today, saying it would be inappropriate to attend because of the involvement of right-wing lobbyist Matthew Hooton.

Hooton is an old friend of Nash’s and had been involved in organising the fundraiser of about 20 of Nash’s friends since 2014.

Fascinating that Matthew has been doing fundraisers for Labour for the last four years.

Nash said his decision to pull out was because Hooton had criticised Labour and his fellow Labour Minister David Parker in recent days over the ban on foreign buyers in New Zealand – criticism Parker has said was unwarranted.

“In light of Matthew’s attacks on the Government, in particular David Parker, I’ve decided it is no longer appropriate to attend the fundraiser with Matthew so I have pulled out.”

Matthew has criticised Ministers and MPs from all parties for many years.

Hooton said the fundraiser went ahead without Nash. “It was a very successful fundraiser for the Napier Labour Party with one empty seat – although that did not make too much difference.”

A very unusual situation.