Upset at broken rates promise

Stuff reports:

A Wellsford superannuitant says he will refuse to pay Rodney’s targeted transport rate, saying he has “lost faith” in local government.

On May 24 the recommendation to introduce a targeted transport rate in Rodney of $150, or $2.90 per week, was passed and put in the hands of the Governing Body who approved it on May 29.

James McNabb, 89, says he will refuse to pay the rate and urges other ratepayers to do the same thing despite it appearing in their rates notices on July 1.

“I have no faith that any work will get done. Mr Goff promised on his election to maintain rates at 2.5 per cent, add on all target rates such as this and I would suggest the increase is well 8-10 per cent or more.”

McNabb said he has lost faith in the council and asks how do it expects low income or fixed income citizens to find the finances to meet the demands.

Mr McNabb is quite correct that the effective rates increase is well over 2.5%. A targeted rate is still a rate. Goff has broken his promise big time.

Sadly he does have to pay the rates. What he can do though is make sure next time only Councillors who will keep rates to an affordable level are elected.

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