Well done Winston – three strikes safe

NewstalkZB reports:

Cabinet won’t be considering a proposal to repeal the Three Strikes law today – due to a lack of support from New Zealand First.

Justice Minister Andrew Little had been expected to take the proposal to today’s Cabinet meeting.

However, he says New Zealand First has indicated they would be unlikely to support it.

Little says the strength of this coalition Government is that change only occurs when all three parties are on board.

This has shown terrible political management by Andrew Little. He obviously announced his intention to repeal Three Strikes without even talking to NZ First. Why would you do that?

Good to see NZ First stand up for the policies they campaigned on. Repealing Three Strikes would have been a political disaster for them, and would have resulted in many more victims of crime.

Ironically Labour would have been heavily punished if they had gone ahead, so NZ First has actually saved them from themselves. I think this one issue could have lost them the next election.

He says further work on a balanced reform package for a more effective criminal justice system will be considered by an independent advisory panel to be appointed shortly. 

Ha. The independent panel will be nothing of the sort. It will be dominated by the usual suspects and will recommend various forms of “catch and release”.

Sadly this is the end of the series profiling second strikers, at least until they try again. There were another 190 profiles to go and pretty much all of them screamed recidivist violent offender.

So let’s celebrate a good victory over the misguided intentions of the Government. I have no doubt the continuing public campaign against repealing three strikes helped persuade NZ First not to capitulate to Labour and the Greens

Not often I say this, but well done Winston.

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