NZ First seeks to reverse lower drink driving limits

Stuff reports:

NZ First says the lower drink-driving limits have targeted the wrong people, and it’s calling for the old limit to be reinstated. 

NZ First MP has submitted a members’ bill seeking to repeal the 2014 law which lowered drink-driving limits.

The stricter limits had “demonstrably failed” at lowering both the rate of offending and the number of fatalities on New Zealand roads caused by drink-driving, Ball said.

“The vast majority of drivers in fatal drink-driving accidents have been in the range of twice the legal limit. These are the recidivist, high-level drink drivers we need to be targeting – not hard-working Kiwis who have a beer or wine after work.”

I think it would be worth having this bill, if drawn, go to select committee. It would be useful to look at the evidence around whether it has been successful, and where the limit should be.

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