Soper says Government needs a good oiling

Barry Soper writes:

The wheels might not be coming off the coalition Government but they’re certainly in need of a good oiling and the tyres need to be inflated.

We’re told to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ve got a plan, even if the doubts continue to grow.

If they have a plan, it is very well hidden.

The Minister now in charge of the grand housing plan, Phil Twyford, was on Tuesday being confronted by his opposite number in Parliament’s bear pit, the sneering Judith Collins, who wanted to know what part of Kiwibuild is Kiwi.

Twyford assured her they weren’t planning on bringing in workers from overseas to complete the ambitious project but then the very next day that’s exactly what they announced, making it easier for building firms to bring in skilled foreign hired hands to make up the shortfall of thirty thousand construction workers.

So Twyford contradicted himself just a day later.

Here’s the interesting thing. If they need to import 30,000 construction workers to build the 100,000 houses, won’t those 30,000 workers also need houses to live in?

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