Twyford pinged $500

NewstalkZB reports:

Transport Minister Phil Twyford has been fined $500 for using his mobile phone while his plane was taxiing, the Civil Aviation Authority has announced.

The CAA had been investigating Twyford’s use of a mobile phone after the plane doors had closed and was taxiing for take-off during a flight from Wellington to Auckland in May.

Twyford had been issued with an infringement notice for breaching CAA rules relating to the use of portable electronic devices onboard devices.

“Mr Twyford stopped using his phone before the aircraft took off so his actions did not pose a significant risk to the flight. Nevertheless, he did breach the rule, has been issued with an infringement notice and is required to pay a $500 infringement fine,” the CAA said in a statement.

Seems fair. I don’t think what he did was that big a deal. The problem for Twyford is he made such a federal case of what Brownlee did, he got hoist by his own petard.