$300,000 fine for getting offside with Winston

Stuff reports:

NZ First’s constitution states any of its MPs who resign or are expelled from the party are personally liable for up to $300,000 if they don’t leave Parliament immediately.

The clause states if the MP is either an electorate MP or a list MP, they have up to three days to vacate their seat in Parliament, or pay up.

This is all because Peters consistently gets offside with his MPs. So now if Winston decides he doesn’t like an MP and gets his board to kick them out, they have to pay Winston’s party $300,000 unless they resign – even if they are an electorate MP.

And in a flight of fancy, Winston claims that Simon Bridges has tried to entice Ron Mark to defect from NZ First and stand for National in Wairarapa. This is of course a lie. So we have a Deputy PM who just makes shit up (we knew this).

Ron is not the most popular person with National MPs. The idea that anyone in National would try and get him to defect is about as likely as Labour trying to entice David Seymour to join them.

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