Backlash against Handley

The Spinoff reports:

Much of New Zealand’s tech community has reacted with derision to a report entrepreneur Derek Handley is all-but-certain to soon be announced as New Zealand’s first chief technology officer. The critiques, which erupted on Twitter and have been followed with interviews and emails to The Spinoff, are notable for the diversity of their tech experience. Those who have spoken out include people with engineering, investing and UX/design backgrounds, as well as fellow tech founders.

It’s almost a who’s who of the tech world.

The storm was best captured by Nat Dudley: “Literally everyone I know in tech, an industry known for arguing over the stupidest shit like which almost-identical JavaScript framework they’re going to use, is united in the idea that Handley would be a terrible pick for NZ CTO.”

So will the Government proceed with Handley in the face of such opposition?

The general sentiment among those The Spinoff spoke to was that if the role is worthwhile, then Handley is not right for it – and that if Handley is right for the job then the job has no purpose.


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