Nuk vs Simon

National MP Nuk Korako responds to a column by Simon Wilson:

It takes a lot to shock this Māori from Rapaki but I was shocked by the New Zealand Herald’s Leftist opinion writer Simon Wilson. In his opinion piece of 18 August, Simon Wilson referenced the Kahurangi National Māori membership group who attended the National Party conference and then bizarrely stated that we weren’t ‘…well represented’. 

The only way he could have made that assertion would have been by looking at the colour of our Māori people in attendance and then deciding some of us weren’t brown enough in hue to be counted.  How else do you explain well over 60 Māori in attendance as ‘not well represented’?

Nice calling out of Wilson for judging on skin colour. And conferences normally have 500 or so attendees so 60/500 is not under representation.

Simon Wilson’s assertion is a continuation of an unfortunate tendency by people who should really know better, that Māori must be measured either by blood percentage or by skin colour.  How else can Simon Wilson’s assertion that not many Māori were in attendance stand any measure of scrutiny.

Maybe Wilson did a survey?

I’d normally consider giving Simon Wilson a bit of a pass on this given his long history as a journalist.  But unfortunately Simon’s disregard for the Māori of National continued with his snide little dig at the word ‘Kahurangi’ likening it to ‘cheese’. And quite frankly we’re not there to have a left-wing political commentator try and score points off us.

Simon’s article had a tone.  He opened with an attack on Māori by refusing to count any who didn’t fit his measure of ‘dark enough’ and then continued the attack by mocking a Māori word in the article. On top of that he went as far to suggest an Opposition doing its job of holding the Government to account and pointing out the real flaws in the Government’s policy was verging on sabotage. 

Yep. It is now sabotage to oppose the Government.

I’m wondering therefore if it would be more helpful to Simon Wilson if those Māori in attendance at National party events could wear grass skirts and sing Māori songs at the same time to make his count a little easier?  Let us know what works Simon.  We’re here to serve, apparently.


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