Taking inclusiveness a step too far

The Sun reports:

A TRANSGENDER lag who carried out four sex attacks at a women’s prison was an “occasional crossdresser” who “played the system”, her ex girlfriend has claimed.

Karen White, 52, previously known as David Thompson, was sent to HMP New Hall despite not having gender reassignment surgery.

The former drag artist was a paedophile on remand for multiple rapes with a long list of sexual and violent offences against women.

But White claimed to be transgender to authorities and within days of moving to the female prison, she carried out the attacks.

This shows how barmy officials can be.

White is a convicted rapist. He has raped multiple women. He is sent to jail. He then says “I am now a woman” and they send him to a women’s prison where within days he starts sexually assaulting more women.

Of course the government should generally be considerate of prisoners and those who are genuinely transgender should be imprisoned in the safest environment for them.

But if the prisoner has been convicted of raping women, and hasn’t undergone surgery or hormone treatment, then you don’t stick then in a women’s prison.

Former neighbours at Elphin Court in Mytholmroyd, West Yorks, have also said White made little effort to transition.

One transgender neighbour told The Times: “Other than wear a wig and put on women’s clothing, she has made no more effort.

“I believe Karen is not a transgender, I believe she is more transvestite than transsexual with no real desire to be a woman.”

White’s interest appears to be assaulting women, not being one.

While at New Hall, West Yorks, White was also charged with a 2003 rape and has now pleaded guilty to four rapes.

Guilty of four rapes and White was put into a women’s prison. Madness.

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