#9. ANSWERS Heritage Quiz IV. 26/10

FINAL Heritage Week. Answers #9 Gay people.


Alan TURING. Genuius WW2 Bletchley Park Enigma codebreaker, chemically castrated for homosexuality, inventor of computer.

Colin MOYLE. NZ MP, ‘The Moyle Affair.”

Oscar WILDE, Irish Poet, imprisoned for sodomy with minors after his disastrous defamation trial vs Marquess of Queensberry (boxing rules). His lover Lord Alfred Douglas coined the famous phrase, “The Love that dare not speak it’s name.”

Peter HUDSON, NZ chef duo with David Halls.

Louisa WALL, NZ MP, gay marriage bill.

Truman CAPOTE, American author and critic.

J Edgar Hoover, Head of FBI.

Tim Barnett, NZ MP, prostitution reform bill.

David Halls, NZ Chef duo with Peter Hudson.