An even bigger fizzer

So Jami-Lee Ross has released the text messages with Greg Hamilton (NZNP General Manager) which he claimed proved his allegations of criminal corrupt behaviour.

Not only do they not prove his claims, they actually refute them. He really must be delusional if he thinks they were proof of anything, except what in hindsight was an obvious attempt to screw people over.

The full texts are here. What they show is:

  1. Greg Hamilton asked Jami-Lee to track down the individual donors
  2. Jami-Lee said he couldn’t, he only had the supplied names and addresses
  3. Greg Hamilton said they are required by law to have a name and address and some of those supplied don’t match the electoral roll. He offered to verify them if there were phone numbers, or he could talk to the contact person.
  4. Jami-Lee claims Bridges organised the donations (which contradicts their own taped conversation) and he just collected it. Says if the law has not been complied with, can return the money
  5. Greg responds would be a shame to return the donations and he wants to line up the donors with the electoral roll as best to do now than at audit time

This is a diligent general manager ensuring the donations are legit and the donors are eligible to donate, and the requirements of the Act have been complied with. It is almost the polar opposite of what Ross claimed.

The texts show that Ross was clearly trying to set up Greg Hamilton, as well as Simon Bridges. This is again pretty despicable. Ross was a front bench MP and a former member of the Board of Directors and he is trying to set up the party’s general manager.

He just keeps making himself look worse and worse.

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