The full background of the guy given residency by Labour

I blogged yesterday on how Iain Lees-Galloway has granted permanent residency to a prisoner (Jan Antolik) who was due to be deported when released. Well his full record is worth looking at. Here it is:

  1. 2003: Entered NZ with a false passport
  2. 2010: Arrested with two Hells Angels on aggravated robbery and blackmail charges. Guilt not proven beyond reasonable doubt.
  3. 2011: Found guilty of using false passport and giving false details to Immigration officials
  4. 2011: Arrested as part of Operation Ark, a covert investigation into Ecstasy-like pills.
  5. 2012: Discharged without conviction on false identity charges
  6. 2014: Convicted of manufacturing Class-C drug from Operation Ark arrest. Conviction overturned but Crown abandons second trial
  7. 2014: Arrested importing 5kg of MDMA, a Class-B controlled drug, used in Ecstasy.
  8. 2016: Convicted of importing MDMA and jailed for five years and nine months

It is bad enough that he has been granted permanent residency, but even worse the Minister won’t explain why.

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