Labour MP wants Pride to exclude even more people

The Herald reports:

Labour MP Louisa Wall is standing by comments that TERFs – or anyone who doesn’t support the rights of trans-women – should not be allowed at the Pride Parade.

Wall, who is openly gay and an advocate for LGBTIQ rights, used strong language against Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists while speaking last week during a private Pride hui.

“The whole gender identity issue, and trans-exclusion, is huge … None of us want to see the exclusion of our trans-sisters,” Wall said in her speech.

“My whole thing is that I don’t want any f****** TERFs at the Pride Parade.”

Wall was secretly recorded and the audio has been uploaded to the Speak Up For Women website, who called it “hate speech”.

“We demand that our MPs promote respectful dialogue on women’s legitimate concerns with proposed changes to the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationship Registration Act,” a post on the website said.

“The word ‘terf’ is hate speech used to belittle and threaten anyone who rejects the premises or conclusions of transgender ideology. It is used to dehumanise and incite violence. New Zealand deserves better.”

The left always say they believe in diversity, except they never believe in diversity of opinion.

Here a Labour MP says that if you’re a lesbian who has a different view to her on transgender issues, then you’re not welcome at the Pride Parade.

Of course the Pride Parade has every right to decide for themselves who is and is not invited. They can be as exclusive or inclusive as they want. But if they decide they want to be exclusive, then they shouldn’t promote the parade as being about inclusivity.

In her speech, Wall also thanked the Pride board and its chair Cissy Rock for listening to the community before banning uniformed police from the parade.

Except 75% of those who turned up to the forum were against the ban.

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