So this is what we now know about Karel Sroubek

More and more info is coming out about Karel Sroubek, whom Labour gifted residency to. Here’s what we now know:

  1. Entered NZ with false passport in 2003
  2. Arrested with two Hells Angels on aggravated robbery, kidnapping and blackmail charges in 2011, but acquitted
  3. Found guilty of passport fraud in 2011
  4. Arrested in 2011 for manufacturing drugs. Convicted but later overturned
  5. Arrested in 2014 for importing drugs. Jail sentence of 69 months.
  6. Parole Board in 2018 refused parole, finding him manifestly untruthful
  7. Interpol has an arrest warrant for him, for charges in Czech Republic of disorderly conduct, damaging of another’s property and attack of an law enforcement officer
  8. Twice traveled to Czech Republic in 2009, despite claiming he fears for his life if deported there
  9. His ex-partner is seeking a restraining order against him

Not only did Lees-Galloway not deport him, but he gave him permanent residency!

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