Tamihere looking to stand

Stuff reports:

Former politician John Tamihere has been sounding out Auckland councillors as he ponders launching a bid for the mayoralty.

Tamihere told Stuff only one councillor told him they opposed his possible candidacy, and he’d make a final decision in the New Year.

Nine councillors confirmed they had been contacted by Tamihere, but none expressed a view on whether they supported or opposed him.

Tamihere said he had an exploratory committee looking at the viability of a mayoral campaign and whether to run a team of ward candidates.

Tamihere vs Goff would be very interesting.

Goff would dominate in central Auckland. Tamihere would do well in West and South Auckland. So Eastern and Northern Auckland would decide. And while they are both former Labour MPs, I suspect Tamihere would be the lesser of two evils for those residents.

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