Great decision Chippie

Chris Hipkins released:

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has declined Victoria University of Wellington Council’s application for a legal name change. …

“While Victoria University of Wellington, like other universities, has significant autonomy in making academic, operational and management decisions, it is accountable to its community and the groups that make up the University.
“I am not convinced that the University engaged sufficiently with the views of those stakeholders who should have their views considered. Given the level of opposition to the University’s recommendation, including by its own staff, students and alumni, I am not persuaded that the recommendation is consistent with the demands of accountability and the national interest. 

Very very pleased with this decision. There was huge opposition to this name change from alumni and students.  I suspect it helped that Chris and Grant Robertson are both Wellington based (and former VUWSA Presidents) and would have been made personally aware on multiple occasions how strongly locals were against a name change.

I hope the Victoria VC accepts the decision, and they now focus on building Vic up to be an even greater university. They can in fact acheieve a lot of what they want to do by just changing their marketing in overseas markets by placing more emphasis on New Zealand and Wellington.

Well done to all those graduates who spent scores and scores of hours mobilising opposition, writing submissions etc.

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