Highest minimum wage in the developed world

The Government has announced the minimum wage will go from $16.50 to $17.70 per hour in April. The median hourly wage is $25 an hour so this will make our minimum wage 70% of the median wage. It is highly likely at this level there will be a significant impact on jobs (not all increases in minimum wages impact jobs – the key is the ratio to the median wage).

How does this compare to other countries? Well much much higher. Other OECD countries are:

  1. New Zealand 70%
  2. France 62%
  3. Australia 55%
  4. UK 54%
  5. Luxembourg 53%
  6. Germany 48%
  7. Belgium 47%
  8. Ireland, Canada 46%
  9. Estonia 41%
  10. US 34%

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