Stats NZ playing “privilege bingo”

Amy Adams announced:

“Officials at a technical workshop today spent an hour having participants singing, hand-clapping and playing ‘Check Your Privilege bingo’.

“Yet at the same time New Zealand continues to wait for the 2018 Census results after a shambolic process that resulted in significant data gaps and we’re yet to see anything on the last two years of child poverty statistics.

“According to the Government agency’s bingo card, it seems if you are a ‘native English speaker, Cis, white, thin, have no speech impediment, heterosexual, able-bodied, standard accent, have no criminal record, human, tall, mentally healthy, support a mainstream political party, adult, born in your country of residence, wealthy, employed or just not a red-head’, then you are privileged.

My God, this is so PC.

On the plus side I can announce I am officially a multiple victim of privilege.

I’m not thin, I have a speech impediment, I have a hearing disability, I’m short and I’ve had mental health issues. So I’m a victim five-fold over.

So I’m coming for all you oppressors out there.

Feel free to count up your own score of oppression in the comments and see if we can work out who is the most oppressed.

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