So who will be judging NZ?

The Herald reports:

New Zealand’s human rights record – including the high rate of family violence and a disparity in health outcomes for Maori versus non-Maori – will come under scrutiny from the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Justice Minister Andrew Little will lead a delegation to New Zealand’s universal periodic review at the council, which will take place on January 21.
“Generally speaking, our human rights record is a good one,” Little told the Herald.
“It’s important for New Zealand and for its reputation around the world that we maintain that reputation and continue to do the right thing.

“We’re not perfect. We won’t be perfect. But we should continue to strive to do the best we can.”
The council will consider a national report on New Zealand’s record, a compilation of UN information, and a report from civil society institutions such as the NZ Law Society, the Chief Ombudsman and Amnesty International.

These sessions are a hilarious farce as representatives from other countries tut tut us on stuff such as prisoners not getting the vote, and the NZ hasn’t managed to abolish domestic violence etc.

Here’s some of the countries on the UN Human Rights Council who will be telling us how we have to do better on human rights:

  • Egypt where protests are banned and regime opponents arrested and tortured
  • South Africa, where they are threatening to confiscate farms without compensation
  • China, well need one comment
  • Saudi Arabia, where women are second class citizens
  • Cuba a one party state with no free press
  • Congo where security forces kill, torture and rape
  • Nigeria where politicians hire gangs to rig elections and you can go to jail simply for associating with a gay person
  • Pakistan the home of honour killings of girls
  • Eritrea a one party state with no free press

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