Could be out in under four years for a life

Stuff reports:

The man who killed teenager Eli Holtz​ after the youth shot at him with a water pistol in central Auckland has been jailed for seven years.
Myron Robert Alf Felise​, 30, pleaded guilty to one charge of manslaughter in November, a few days ahead of his trial. 
On Thursday, Felise, from Bulls but originally from Otara, was sentenced to seven years in jail by Justice Gerard van Bohemen in the Auckland High Court.

Felise will have to serve at least half his sentence in jail.  

So may be out in three and a half years.

Dickey stated Felise’s previous conviction for aggravated robbery and inability to manage alcohol and failure to address that in the past meant he remained a real risk to the public.

So not a one off.

The 31-year-old grew up in Otara and associated with the Bloods gangs from as young as 13.
“You have been involved in 40 incidents involving serious violence in a gang context. That is truly appalling,” the judge said. 

This is what is crazy. He’s got 40, yes 40, violent offences to his name. He finally kills someone, and he gets such a light sentence.

Felise was one of the men charged with the murder of Manurewa liquor store owner Navtej Singh in 2008.
Six south Auckland men, including Felise, were on trial for the murder and aggravated robbery of Navtej Singh, 30, who was shot on June 7, 2008 while working in his store, Riverton Liquor, in Auckland’s Manurewa East. He died the next day.
Felise was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter and was convicted of aggravated robbery. 

This happened before three strikes. If three strikes had already been in place he would not be eligible for parole.

Does anyone think he is going to come out and not commit more violent acts?

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