Kirk says Kiwibuild is a dead duck

Stacey Kirk writes:

The housing shortage is a big and tangible problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of Kiwis, and there were countless times on the campaign trail when Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and her MPs literally said “we will fix the housing crisis”.
With the admission the Government would only be able to build 300 by houses by July 1, Housing Minister Phil Twyford has all but confirmed the rest of their deadlines are likely to blow out too. 
And as much as Ardern tries to claim the longer deadline to build 100,000 houses in 10 years is still on, no one’s kidding themselves. Their flagship policy is six months in and already a dead duck. 

Rather convenient that they have scrapped every target they could be held accountable against. Having a 10 year target and no interim targets is just a mechanism to avoid accountability.

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