Latest poll

The latest poll is Newshub Reid Research.

The results are:

  • National 41.6%
  • Labour 47.5%
  • Greens 5.1%
  • NZ First 2.9%

I understand the poll wasn’t done last week but is mainly from January. It is curious they waited so long to release it, if that is the case.

January was of course when the PM had huge attention at Davos and issues such as the Kiwibuild meltdown had not really gone full frontal. Governments often get a bump in January as it is the quiet season and there is no Parliament.

So I’ll be more interested in the next poll.

But what is very interesting is that NZ First are below 3% and well on their way to being outski at the election, and also the Greens are also hovering on the verge of outski also.

The next few months will be interesting as both minor parties scramble to get above or stay above 5%.

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