Previous TWG Chair not paid to advocate

Stuff reports:

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is defending the ongoing role of Sir Michael Cullen over tax reform, saying it was only fair he continued to be paid.

Why? His job is done. Why should he get paid to attack National MPs?

Robertson said that when National initiated a tax review back in 2010, the working group’s chair, Victoria University of Wellington professor Bob Buckle, commented extensively after the report.
Robertson said he had “no idea” whether Buckle was paid.
Contacted in response to the comments by Robertson, Buckle said he took part in the 2010 review on a voluntary basis, and he believed other members of the working group did too.
This included both the development of the report, and comments made afterwards.

Buckle wasn’t paid, and he certainly didn’t act in a partisan fashion.

If the Government was concerned about the debate, Adams said, it should have also retained the members of the working group who offered a dissenting view.
Act leader David Seymour said the extension of Cullen’s contract was “a vote of no confidence” in the ability of Robertson to articulate and defend the Government’s plan for the tax system.
“The Tax Working Group has delivered its report. For taxpayers to continue to pick up Cullen’s $1062-a-day fee after being appointed more than 14 months ago is outrageous.”

It is outraegous.

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