Willie says $1,000 a day is peanuts

Stuff reports:

A Government Minister has said Sir Michael Cullen’s payments as chair of the Tax Working Group after the body has disbanded is “peanuts” and suggested the former Deputy Prime Minister should be paid more.

Willie is touch with the families earning $20 an hour by describing $1,000 a day as peanuts.

I have no problem with Cullen being paid $1,000 a day as TWG Chair when there was a TWG. He was being paid to lead a group of people to design a Capital Gains Tax – a highly expert task.

What I have a problem with is having him paid $1,000 a day to shrill for the Government and attack their opponents. That is outrageous. He shouldn’t be paid even $20 an hour for that, No one should be funded by the taxpayers to be a Government shrill.

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