Winston agrees with me

Last week I blogged:

Enabling Maori to change roll types at any time allows gerrymandering of seats. I am surprised the Greens want to introduced gerrymandering to NZ. It would allow people to transfer backwards and forwards between the general and Maori roll, based on which seat they think is most marginal. It would mean seats would be less likely to have the same electoral population.

Newshub reports:

Ms Ghahraman also addressed remarks made by Mr Peters about her Bill’s proposal to allow voters of Māori descent to change roll type at any time.
Mr Peters took a swipe at the first-time MP, saying: “You’ve got to have some experience and think these things through.”

“The ability to change seats from Māori to general whenever you feel like it, that could turn into the biggest gerrymander you’ve ever seen in New Zealand politics,” Mr Peters said.

Nice to see Winston use my talking points.

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