Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 (spoilers)

Okay a positioning episode with little conflict. Key points are:

  • Dany and Jon and unsullied arrive in Winterfell
  • Arya sees Jon (love), Gendry (flirty) and the Hound (frosty)
  • Northern lords not happy with Jon
  • Sansa and Tyrion bond over hatred of Joffrey
  • Bronn is hired to kill Tyrion and Jaime
  • Theon rescues Yara and then heads to Winterfell
  • Jon gets to ride Rhaegal, named after his father (which he does not yet know)
  • Dany meets Sam and has to tell him she burnt his father and brother alive. Hugely emotional.
  • The big moment – Sam tells Jon he is the true King of Westeros, Aegon Targaryen. The secret is out.
  • Tormund and Beric survive the ice dragon attack
  • Ned Umber turned into undead. Yuck.
  • Episode ends with Bran and Jaime meeting, which is a sort of flashback to the first ever episode

The 20 questions are updated below. Not a lot of answers so far but that is to be expected for the season opener. I expect the next episode to see more action. Five episodes to go.

  1. Who sits on the Iron Throne at the end? Unknown
  2. Is Tyrion a third Targaryen? Or are Jaime and Cersei? Unknown
  3. Who will kill Cersei? Tyrion or Jaime or Arya? Will her baby survive? Unknown
  4. Who is Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised, and who will they have to kill to forge Lightbringer? Unknown
  5. What impact has Bran had on the past? Did he cause the Mad King to go mad? Did he create the Night King? Unknown
  6. What secrets lie in the crypts under Winterfell? Unknown
  7. Who will win Cleganebowl? Unknown
  8. Who else will Arya kill? Will she complete her list? Unknown
  9. What does Varys do before he dies? In Winterfell currently
  10. How does Melisandre die and what does she do before then? Unknown
  11. What happens to Gendry? Reunites with Arya
  12. Jaime and Brienne? Unknown
  13. Will we see Nymeria in action? Ghost? Unknown
  14. Which dragons, if any, survive? Two left at this stage
  15. What happens to House Greyjoy? Theon rescues Yara and Euron bedding Cersei
  16. Does Sam survive? For now. Now knows he is head of his house.
  17. Which cities fall before the Night King is defeated? Unknown
  18. Does Bronn get his castle? If he kills Jaime and Tyrion for Cersei
  19. How does the Night King get killed? How is the undead dragon killed? Maybe they aren’t
  20. Does Tyrion betray Dany? Unknown

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