Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 (spoilers)

Very much a getting ready for the big battle episode. A lot of people are going to die next week I’d say. Key points are:

  • Dany not happy with Jaime for killing her father (the Mad King). Brienne vouches for him and saves him.
  • Dany tells Tyrion he is a traitor or a fool for being taken in by Cersei.
  • Arya flits with Gendry by showing off her knife throwing skills
  • Jaime apologies to Bran for what he did to him. Bran says he didn’t tell others what he did, as Jaime can’t fight for them if he is murdered.
  • Tyrion muses that if he is made into undead at least Cersei won’t get to murder him and he might get to rip her apart as a wight.
  • Jaime offers to fight under Brienne’s command
  • Sir Jorah vouches for Tyrion and says he should remain Hand and that Tyrion learns from his mistakes. Sansa vouches for him also.
  • Lots of dragonglass weapons being forged
  • Dany tells Sansa she loves Jon
  • Theon turns up and is welcomed saying his is here to fight for Winterfell. Sansa hugs him overwhelmed. He offers to guard Bran from the Night King.
  • Tormund turns up also and crushes Jon in a bearhug
  • Jon says they can only win by killing the Night King. They think he will never expose himself but Bran says he will – he will come for Bran. Theon says he took this castle from Bran so know will defend him.
  • Great sledge of Sam – “Samwell Tarly, slayer of white walkers, romancer of women – as if we need any more signs the world is ending”
  • Great Tyrion quote “I wish Dad was here … so he could see both his sons about to die defending Winterfell”
  • A legendary drinking session with many main characters on the eve of battle
  • Gendry tells Arya he is Robert’s bastard son. Arya says she wants to know “what it is like” before she dies and they do the deed.
  • Jaime knights Brienne. Great scene. Sadly means she probably dies as having now achieved her great aim.
  • The women and children will hide in the crypts during the battle. Except Lyanna Mormont of course. There have been lots of clues that there is something significant in the crypts
  • Sam gives Jonah his sword saying his father taught him how to be a man
  • We finally see Ghost again, but sadly not eating anyone
  • Finally Jon tells Dany he is actually Aegon Targaryen. She is more worried he has a claim to the Iron Throne that the fact she is doing her nephew.
  • The episode ends with the arrival of the Army of the Dead

The 20 questions are updated below. Still not a lot of answers so far. I many deaths in the next episode. Four episodes to go.

  1. Who sits on the Iron Throne at the end? Unknown
  2. Is Tyrion a third Targaryen? Or are Jaime and Cersei? Unknown
  3. Who will kill Cersei? Tyrion or Jaime or Arya? Will her baby survive?Unknown
  4. Who is Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised, and who will they have to kill to forge Lightbringer? Unknown
  5. What impact has Bran had on the past? Did he cause the Mad King to go mad? Did he create the Night King? Unknown
  6. What secrets lie in the crypts under Winterfell? Unknown but highly likely to find out next episode.
  7. Who will win Cleganebowl? Unknown
  8. Who else will Arya kill? Will she complete her list? Unknown
  9. What does Varys do before he dies? In Winterfell currently
  10. How does Melisandre die and what does she do before then? Unknown
  11. What happens to Gendry? Gets with Arya and tells her he is King Robert’s bastard son
  12. Jaime and Brienne? She vouches for him and he offers to fight under her command.
  13. Will we see Nymeria in action? Ghost? Ghost has been seen.
  14. Which dragons, if any, survive? Two left at this stage
  15. What happens to House Greyjoy? Theon rescued Yara and Euron is bedding Cersei. Theon offers to protect Bran from the Night King so highly likely to die.
  16. Does Sam survive? For now. Now knows he is head of his house.
  17. Which cities fall before the Night King is defeated? Unknown but Winterfell likely to fall next week I’d say.
  18. Does Bronn get his castle? If he kills Jaime and Tyrion for Cersei
  19. How does the Night King get killed? How is the undead dragon killed? Maybe they aren’t
  20. Does Tyrion betray Dany? Unknown. She is unhappy with him so appearing more likely.

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