PM repeats a whopper

Just noticed this story from October where The Spinoff reports:

Jacinda Ardern says she has “upgraded my position” on her characterisation of climate change as her generation’s “nuclear-free moment”.
As part of a wide-ranging interview with the Spinoff, the prime minister said the challenge of climate change had one critical difference to the nuclear-movement. Then, “we were unified”, she said.

Well that’s wrong for a start. The decision to ban US ships from visiting was not a unifying issue at the time. Around 30% opposed the ban and 60% supported it. A later poll in 1989 found only 52% in favour if it meant breaking defence ties.

So quite wrong to claim NZ was unified behind the nuclear ban, at the time it happened. To be fair to the PM she was only four years old then, so has no idea how controversial it was.

“I feel at least positive that we’ve moved significantly from a debate that 10 years ago was whether or not climate change was real, now to a debate about how much we need to do and how quickly. Ten years ago I got booed at a public meeting for talking about climate change. When I first came in to parliament, a select committee was established to look at the science of climate change.

The part bolded is a lie. It is a lie she has repeated before.

Dunne was the Chair of the Select Committee and would know.

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