Police should have arrested him

There is always a limit to free speech. I’m against any changes to our current laws, but that doesn’t mean I think all speech is acceptable.

Stuff reports:

The man was swearing and saying that Muslims were terrorists, according to the post. He also told Muslims at the mosque “we all need to leave” New Zealand, the post said.

Yelling out to victims of a terrorist attack that they are the terrorists and need to leave New Zealand is disgusting.

“He was there for about 15 minutes, he also kicked and tried to damage some of the memorial items along Deans Ave in front of the masjid.”

Also disgusting.

Armed police have been stationed outside the mosque since the attack. Police were present while the man was yelling abuse, but did not arrest him. A spokeswoman said officers made the decision not to “potentially inflame the situation at that significant location”.
Police were now actively looking for the man. He could face a disorderly behaviour charge, the spokeswoman said.

It was the wrong decision. A charge of disorderly behaviour would have been appropriate.

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